9 Killer Thrifting Tips


Evalina Xu

Evalina Xu

1. Have Some Stores You Love

Explore and save your favorites. Beware of scams, as many stores are not vetted. Check out We Went And Rated The Top 10 Online Thrift Stores For 2021 for our personal faves.

2. Follow Stylish Sellers

Follow sellers with wardrobes similar to your own style to get a curated selection of items you love. Interacting with other fashionistas can make online thrifting fun.

3. Know Your Measurements

Know what size you wear for your favorite brands and whether to size up or down on different items. Loose-fitting clothes such as sweaters and jackets are always a safe bet.

4. Search & Filter

Employ a combination of searching for keywords and filtering to make online thrifting quick and efficient. Look to sites like Thryft who makes searching for a style easy with their themed collections.

5. Unique Items Are Better

Clothes that are one-of-a-kind are some of the best wardrobe investments you can make. Look for gems that you cannot find anywhere else.

6. Vet Items For Value

Even for vetted marketplaces, it does not hurt to do your own research on clothes you plan to purchase. Read seller reviews and do an image search on Aliexpress and Shein: this is the best way to avoid dropshipped or mispriced products.

7. Read Fine Print

Thoroughly read item descriptions for condition and sizing information. Follow up with Customer Service for any questions or to troubleshoot any issues.

8. Keep An Eye Out For Promotions & Store Credit

Search the web for promotions and take advantage of first-purchase and account creation discounts. Some sites also have neat ways to earn store credit!

9. Understand The Return Policy

Listings for preloved clothes may not have many photos and descriptions of clothing condition may be misleading. Look for the return policy at the bottom of the website.